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Book Endorsements

Forgive Ryan Allis for being only 22 years old. Forgive him for imparting timeless wisdom based upon his own real-life experience as a entrepreneurial superstar. The kid just can't help it. He has made a million-dollar dream come true and he shares how he did it this roller-coaster-of-a-read book. Your banker will love you for reading Zero to One Million.

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books

Ryan Allis shares and intriguing story of business success that has few parallels. I know of no other twenty two year old who has demonstrated this level of achievement in business. Young people need individuals like Ryan to look up to and emulate as they work to accomplish their own personal and business goals.

David S. Chernow
President and CEO
Junior Achievement Worldwide

Ryan is an incredibly inspiring combination of big thinker, executer, and strategist. When he talks, I listen, and every time I get incredible wisdom that has impact.

Michael Simmons, CEO
The Entrepreneurship Education Corporation


Book Reviews

Love the book - not like... LOVE! Haven't put it down since it arrived. Mission accomplished - you've inspired me! My goals, mission and creed are framed and on the wall. I love the MAR Model for evaluating business ideas. You manage to get all this stuff that I've known about for years and somehow get me to act on it, be excited about it, and get results! Thank you!

I haven't been intending to promote this book, but I just keep raving about it to people. I most often say, "One of the references on the book says 'Ryan is the next Robert Kiyosaki,' and they're absolutely right." It's not that I'm putting Ryan on a pedestal or anything, it's just that his writing gets me into action. It took me a few weeks (instead of a day) to read the book because I kept DOING what he was talking about. I came away from each chapter not only having my thoughts cleared, but with an action plan and an elevated spirit, fire in my heart, wind at my heels, ready to get on with it.

Jade Barclay
Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

I like Zero to One Million a lot. I like the style. It is easy to read - even for me. You have done a great job of picking up on the copy writing nuances that make a piece impossible to put down.

Robert Ryan

Most books of this genre are great motivational books, but are simply that. Zero to One Million is a tool for anyone who has ever dreamt of starting a business. It has the aspects of all the other books, plus practical instructions, how-tos and resources. The 100 Steps to Building a Business is in itself worth the price of the book. It gives you the motivation to get you going and the step-by-step details to keep you going. I definitely recommend this book to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, product idea or desire to start a business.

Eric Franklin
Kalamazoo, Michigan

I received Zero to One Million a few days ago - it was awesome. I spent the better part of the night (when I was supposed to be sleeping) reading it. I was doing the old flashlight under the covers trick since I had to be up at 6:00 the next morning for school, and mom would have sent me to bed had she known. No matter - I felt it was good preparation (after reading your 'day in the life of an entrepreneur) for me becoming an entrepreneur. I really wanted to thank you for that book and let you know that you have made a difference in one life. All books I had read previously (Kiyosaki, Robert G Allen) while containing good information had left me still a little confused as to where I was going. After reading your book, there was no doubt in my mind. I am going to be an entrepreneur - and a successful one. I really liked your book's down-to-earth style with practical examples. Thanks a million (pun intended).

Greg Huston
Prince George, British Columbia
Owner, Make Bath Salts

I just finished reading Zero to One Million on Monday night. You've done a great job. I got a lot out of it. Your book came along at just the right time, because I was wondering what sort of marketing and promotion I should concentrate on next. I've tried putting a few ads in targeted newsletters, and a few other things, but have had very limited success. So I'm going to follow your advice about focusing on SEO, affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Brad Walker
Walkerbout Health Pty Ltd

In my view, there is something to be gained from studying Ryan’s system. It’s one of the most effective promoting machines I’ve ever seen put together, no less from a 21 year-old. Execution is a key attribute of business success and I think in a lot of ways Ryan’s tips display what it takes to get things done, make things happen and to use a “system” to manage that process.

Mike Jay

Hi Ryan, I am on page 59 so far. I had no idea that there were other people that thought the same way I do, and under the age of 45. You opened my eye on trade a lot. What you had to say about comparative advantage makes sense. It makes me understand our relationship with China and the rest of the world. It just makes more sense. Before I knew the more we traded was good but I did not understand how it made even the consuming nation richer. As I have been reading it has been like looking into me self and my own hopes and dreams for the world. Your book is very inspiring and amazing. I want my own dreams more now than before. Thank you.

Tiana Lawrence
Aspen, Colorado

I think one of the best ways to learn is by example and that is what is so beautiful about Zero to One Million. I believe that the way to becoming successful in life is to study those who are. In this book not only does Ryan teach you so much about the history of economics and business, but he shares every step of how he got to where he is today.

Jenna H.

Zero to One Million is a very informative book that any future entrepreneur or anyone planning to start a business of their own should read and benefit from. I found the information easy to read and follow and, more importantly, easy to put into practice. Mr. Allis was able to provide me with a step by step guide on how to not only get started with a business, but also how to maintain and grow it. I would highly recommend this book to anyone just starting out with a business of their own or any small business owners looking for an extra "edge" to stimulate growth. The web marketing ideas and information on search engine optimization were of immense value to me in my job. Zero to One Million is definitely a must buy!

Malcolm Young

This book is not a get rich quick guide, it is a handbook that you will continue to use as a reference and it is a book that will instill important business concepts. One of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur is confidence. As I read this book, I found myself more and more confident in the goals that I had set for myself, and the business that my partners and I were in the process of starting. Ryan clearly outlines the steps to starting a business, and provides a very informative section devoted to search engine optimization. This book should be read by anyone who has a desire to start a business, and has a pro-active attitude towards life. It is great to know that someone of Ryan's age could be so business-savvy, self-disciplined, and biased towards action... that is empowering. Thank you Ryan, for sharing your experience and simplifying mine.

Jacob Bohall
Hilton Head Island, SC

After reading Zero to One Million and implementing the strategies and techniques in Mr. Allis's book, my business revenue has almost tripled in a short 4-months time. I am the CEO of a nutraceutical corporation and interact with CEO'S from companies in the USA and Internationally. I can honestly say I have tried multiple methods and hired multiple marketing and management teams in the past, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with little to no results.

Dr. Edward F. Group, III, President
Global Healing Center, Inc.

I've known Ryan for almost four years now. He has done tremendous work for me and I am happy to own and have read Zero to One Million. If you have not read this book yet I will explain why you should... Ryan was not a dot com millionaire, he was not "one of those kids your neighbor knows" when he made his first million, in fact he's not even a computer geek. He's only 21, but let Ryan introduce himself to you in the first chapters, he'll earn your respect before you can sit it down. Ryan's been in the business world long enough to know there is no 'inside information' that helps people like him succeed. Ryan was born with an unnatural ability to visualize an entire business, from the first customer to the millionth. His perspective provides readers a roadmap in which they learn how he did it, and how he continues to do it. Zero to One Million explains 'it.' When I met Ryan at age 17, he had not only visualized his first business, he had grown it into a million dollar operation. Zero to One Million is priceless for two reasons: 1) Ryan's detailed path of personal and professional development shows how a great entrepreneur was made and will instill confidence and direction in anyone with dreams, 2) Ryan is an expert at creating systems, the pages of Zero to One Million are a written key of the systematic procedures (previously contained only in his head) he uses to organize his bias-toward-action that leads him to success in multiple business ventures. In closing, if you're an entrepreneur with a dream, or if you dream of being an entrepreneur, read Zero to One Million (borrow it from a friend if you can't afford it) and let Ryan push you off that ledge. You'll be prepared for whatever is next.

Aaron Houghton, CEO
Preation, Inc.

Ryan, you inspire me man. I read your book about a year ago and it was an incredible source of affirmation that I have been desperately searching for. I've always known that I have the true entrepreneurial spirit, but have never had an influence that has told me to go for it. So I stepped it up and in your words had a bias toward action. I found opportunity and seized it and things are looking better every day. I've never been happier in my entire life. Keep rocking man.

Greg Mueller
Duke University

I bought your book back in 2003 and I have to thank you so much for continuing to inspire me in my business endeavors. I just wanted to thank you so much for inspiring me to set large sales goals. I continue to view your site at both zeromillion.com and ryanallis.com. And thanks for the signed copy of your book you sent me (I have #82). It is sitting on my bookshelf right next to the Trump books.

Jason S.
Palatine, IL

Speech Feedback

I have seen over 50 of the country’s leading business and motivational speakers including Guy Kawasaki, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Zig Ziglar, and Donald Trump speak in person. Ryan Allis’ speaking skills and depth of knowledge put him right up there with the best. For anyone, that’s quite an accomplishment. For a twenty-two year old, it’s incredible. I have a feeling that Ryan Allis will be a household name within the next decade. Keep your eyes open!

Eric J. Corl

I enjoyed your presentation at CEO conference in Orlando and our conversation about solving poverty and encouraging entrepreneurship in developing countries. This is a topic of a special interest for me since I am from Russia and know exactly the problems that need to be solved. I am also reading your book Zero to One Million and it is very encouraging for me. I also have to thank you for putting together the site zeromillion.com. It has an enormous wealth of information for all beginning and aspiring entrepreneurs. I couldn't believe that actually I can find answers to my questions all in one place!

Inna Collier

I have to let you know how much your speech at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization Conference in Chicago has completely inspired me. My girlfriend and I have decided to start our own company and look forward to gaining insight knowledge from your book. I look forward to reading it and hope that maybe you can help us out with any questions. Thanks again, and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

Jennifer Groome

Carol and I wanted to thank you for teaching the course in Money and Economics. Your age and unique experience delivers a message that really connected with the kids. At this age the content is not as important as the way it is presented. You clearly held their attention and gave them a role model that I am sure will make a positive impact. I know it takes time to prepare a course and you clearly invested a lot of effort. The lectures were a great combination of knowledge and examples based on real world experience. You have a brilliant future ahead of you and I appreciate your sharing with our kids.

James Moore, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Talson Associates

Hi Ryan, I briefly met you at the CEO conference in Chicago this past weekend when you were hosting a seminar on "Zero to One Million" I wanted to make sure you knew that what you are doing is both inspirational and respectable. I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Erica D.
Clarkson University

You had a GREAT presentation at the CEO conference! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. Have a good day.

Brian R.
Grand Valley State University

I just wanted to say thanks for speaking yesterday at the conference. I took away the most from your session. I've always known I wanted to start my own business someday but it wasn't until yesterday when I realized how much and with your book, which I have already started to read, I feel like it is a great start for me to find out how. Most of all I really enjoyed your ambition to want to help others, it really is a driving force in my life also. Yesterday I was writing down a list of goals, one of those being to get to know you better. You are a real inspiration and I know I will open a business much sooner than I ever thought I could just because of you and someday I will be out there helping you change the world by helping others.

Gabe F.
University of Illinois at Chicago

It was really nice to meet you in Chicago. You are more than a successful person. You know the meaning of humanity. I appreciate the time you took to talk to me. I hope you never lose that nice personality. You are now a model of life to me and you inspire me to fight for my dream. I have talked about you with my sisters and have used you as an example of a successful and humble young man that is our age. I will have my own business some day and I will ask hey do you remember me? You inspired me to do this.

Maria Ruiz
University of Texas - El Paso

Hey Ryan. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to write me back. Thank you for the advice as well, I will definitely remember it. Right now, every second I get whether it be a lunch break or when things are slow at work, I try to read as much of your book as possible. You are truly and inspiration to me as well as too many others, and the fact that you take time to care for all those around you really says a lot about who you are as a person. thanks again for the priceless information and inspiration you have given me. I too, as you do, plan on making a positive impact on our society.

Justin Spencer
Middle Tennessee State University
Nashville, TN

General Inspiration

I would like to thank you for your inspiration you have given me. I am just starting my hybrid distribution company and will be seeking the funding needed by the end of the year. Your website and E-Newsletter have offered excellent and informative reading that helped guide me through difficult decision making and marketing essentials necessary to launch my business. Your generosity and wisdom is obviously appreciated and respected by millions and would like to thank you for your time and effort on everything you have done to help other entrepreneurs.

Jason P. Loewen, CEO
Innovation City

I read the first chapters of your book and browsed your website. I have to say I am impressed with your vast business knowledge and experience at a very young age.

Neil De Florio

Thanks for all the information that you have given me. I truly have benefited from the information you have shared. I am Suraj Luke and also a university student from the National University of Singapore and I have started a company called the Global Entrepreneurs Network Organization (GENO) and have also started another company dealing in web marketing. I have learnt so much from you and many of these are what I share to students too. I hope we can together together continue to inspire future generations.

Suraj Luke
University of Singapore

It is truly impressive what you have accomplished, and are striving for. Your site is a gold mine of information, and I find it a good review from all the classes I may have slept through. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur with a clothing company and an online store. Your drive and ambition has rekindled the fire that use to burn inside me. I’m a senior at Westminster College, in Salt Lake City, Utah studying International Business.

Matt McMullen

Wow, you blew me away! I was just visiting your web site and I just finished reading a couple of your articles and all I can say is that you will get that Noble Prize.

Your new fan,
Raed Bustami

Let me just say, first of all, that I think what you are doing is not only visionary, it's revolutionary! Your book is a complete goldmine of information and I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site.

Darryl Joyner, Washington DC

Ryan - My name is Ted. I am an 18 year old college student who has always had a longing to create and invent, but never the inspiration to act on my ideas. I recently came across your website and I would like to say first and foremost that I think you are incredible individual. Your story has affected me in a tremendous way and I would like to congratulate you onall of your well-deserved success.

Ted Hong
University of California - San Diego
Class of 2009

There's so much hype on the Internet. Your information is matter of fact and useful. I love your articles and find your advice very helpful.

Brent Kleinheksel

I am impressed by the wealth of information carried at your zeromillion.com site and by the sheer magnitude of it. Thank you for the resource.

Muchemi Wandimi
Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

I just finished reading your Obtaining a #1 Ranking in the Search Engines. It is very good and gave me some useful ideas and information. You do a great job of presenting the knowledge to multiple levels of readers from novice to more advanced.

Tom Forrest
HTP Company, Inc.

I'm just reading about the report and I'm getting blown away. Here I am thinking you're some college kid just promoting this site as part of some project and then I figure out that the site, the book, the reports etc. ARE all you. Wow, I'm really impressed!

John Martel
New Age Web Marketing

Although I am 6 years older than you I find your articles very inspiring. Keep up the good work and keep working hard. I can't wait to buy your book.

Omar Msangi
London, England

I started looking at the information you put together regarding web site links and found it valuable. Learning is evolutionary. Thanks for your help. Do keep you articles coming.

Pete Harris

I must say that I am most impressed with the information. I have been concentrating my efforts on developing my websites and am now ready to start exploring ways to improve my rankings and traffic. I have already done okay and already knew some of the stuff you covered in the search engine book. However, your book has given me the enthusiasm and knowledge to take my sites to a new level. My plan of action is now a whole lot clearer. Thank you!

Noel Peebles

I was forwarded this site from a friend, and have barely scratched the surface and already see how much information I will be able to gain. Ryan, I just wanted to commend you and everyone involved in your business. It is inspiring to see young successful entrepreneurs. I've been in corporate America for the last 4 years, and have been laid off, and recently hired ( it's a tough commute though). This experience was an eye-opener for me. I hope to make my current job my last corporate job, and work towards becoming a business owner. Great site, and keep up the good work!

Matt Womack

I am impressed by your web site and can see you are a leader. Thank you for what you are up to.

Aaron Tardos

19 year old here (20 in a couple months) and I must say you've fired me up with your story Ryan. I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business in Brisbane, Australia and I've got a number of business projects in development; from premium fruit juices to personal training and RFID systems. You've given me a real motivation to persist, and resist slacking off - Thanks!

Alex Singh
Brisbane, Australia

I love your Young Entrepreneurship Herald. Very inspiring to read and very informational. Looks like you could be the only young entrepreneur that has not gone crazy with information like entrepreneurmag.com or youngbiz.com. You are probably the only one that gets down to what is important and not a lot of glitz and glam information regarding your website, very clean and precise. I am going to be sticking to your website and get as much information I can and keep up with updates.

Michael Bisceglia

My name is JJ Bujalski, and I'm a current sophomore at Duke University. I have been reading some of your articles over the past few weeks, and I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge that you possess. I am an aspiring entrepreneur myself, but I am just a beginner. I wanted to say great job on everything you have accomplished to this point. Keep me updated on what is going on with the Carolina Entrepreneurship Club.

JJ Bujalski
Duke University

The Young Entrepreneurship Herald is great. After reading your article on motivation I'm pumped and I'm going to write my mission statement right now! Thank you!

Marco Schiavo
Surrey, England

I'm Andrew, from Melbourne Australia, 22 years of age, and I've been in business for 2 years, diabetes therapy to be precise. I just wanted to say that its brilliant that you've been able to achieve what you have at such a young age. Hell, I thought I was starting young. I love reading your website because you're so positive. Young people who are as positive are scarce and its great to tap that wealth of enthusiasm. Keep up your great work.

All the best,
Andrew Duncan

I happened to come to your site while I was searching for articles on Marketing, and I must say that your web site has tremendous amount of knowledge, and not just the stuff I found on most web sites. You and your team have put in genuine efforts to bring about a quality web site and I congratulate you for it. I found some of the marketing and product related articles especially useful, since I am in Direct Sales and Marketing, and I really appreciate the whole task of putting the information together. It is very helpful for anybody keen to know the basics of business.

Cheers! Ravi Banavara

I am a 17-year old entering college this August as a Freshmen. Long ago you helped me with a question and it was very helpful. I kept track of your website and articles. I have found that your monthly articles really help such a young entrepreneur as myself obtain knowledge about business and finance.

Quang Nguyen
Orlando, Fl
University of Central Florida

I recently purchased the domain winnerstakeaction.com and have plans to open on May 1. Its planned to be a blend of financial resource information, health related articles, and motivational success articles. I am planning to utilize your list of free articles and will include the requested byline in each of those. I'm impressed at the level of knowledge that Ryan has attained at such an early age and the amount of motivation the pushed him to succeed in many different areas.

Mike Miyaki

My name is Marydee Rea from Manila, Philippines. I am presently on my last term of my MBA degree in one of the universities here in the Philippines. I happened to encounter your site when I was looking for information about Entrepreneurship. I can say your site helped me very much and helped our class discussion to be very lively. I have also been influenced by your monthly chronicle and learned a lot from it. Thank you very much!

Mady Rea
Manila, Phillipines

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your inspirational words and writings. I am a 24 year old guy and have been obsessed with Entrepreneurship since I was about 15 or so. I am constantly reading and researching business ideas and latest trends. I have amassed quite a collection of e-books, magazines and hard cover books, but most of them lacked one thing, the bluntly honest truth of taking action. You see up until about a month ago all these books and magazines haven't done anything to make me start on my path of freedom and independence through entrepreneurship. I how have! Finding your site, reading your blogs and watching interviews you have done have now made me act. When I saw the interview which you did for TrueNYC when you were 21, you were asked about your interviewing of hundreds of entrepreneurs and what you found through that, you said you found that, to be successful, one needs a bias towards action. This really stuck with me and I am now making my move towards starting that long planned business. 

- Andrew Penkert 

Client Testimonials

If your business can benefit from search engine optimization or email marketing, hiring Ryan for a speech or consult will get you there faster. I learned more from him in an hour than from every book I devoured and every seminar I attended on the subject this year. Anyone who knows him, knows him as an internet marketing genious - with a youthful appearance and a delightful personality.


Ryan's knowledge of the intricacies of search engine optimization is mind boggling. He has the ability to take complex ideas and convert them into understandable, manageable, and measurable concepts that can radically benefit anyone's web presence.

Dhrumil Purohit, Founding Principal - Dharmaboost, Inc

Ryan, is an amazing individual, If you have time get his book Zero to One Million. If you have children all ages, his book is a must have. A most empowering and inspiring story! Way to go!

Don Martinez, Managing Partner, The Domar Group, Inc.

I use Ryan's service Intellicontact for my monthy newsletter mailings and to stay in touch with clients. Excellent service. I highly recommend it!

Pauline Edward, Astrologer, Author, Speaker, A Time for Success

Obtaining a #1 Ranking in the Search Engines provided a great foundation for our company to learn the basics about search engine optimization. Ryan Allis’ expertise boosted our website to the first page on all search engines. When we have had a debate within our company Ryan has consulted and provided solutions that work. Our website traffic has jumped four times, and we are very excited about the new leads we will generate due to search engine optimization.

Dave Anderson, CEO and President
BrandlAnderson Homes, Inc.

After reading Zero to One Million and implementing the strategies and techniques in Mr. Allis's book, my business revenue has almost tripled in a short 4-months time. I am the CEO of a nutraceutical corporation and interact with CEO'S from companies in the USA and Internationally. I can honestly say I have tried multiple methods and hired multiple marketing and management teams in the past, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars with little to no results.

Dr. Edward F. Group, III, President
Global Healing Center, Inc.

Words from Africa

I spent almost all of today going through your profile, your websites, and all the content you've got loaded on these sites. I must confess that even before meeting you I already anticipate a wonderful person you must be. I look forward to meeting you in August in Lagos. I do hope I can learn from your experience in business and technology.

Edward Popoola - Lagos, Nigeria
Nigeria's Information Technology Youth Ambassador

I have been searching the net for good entrepreneurship resources and have been having little luck, that is until I found your zeromillion.com website. You are totally inspirational and are clearly a brilliantly gifted entrepreneur. Well done on your achievements so far- truly amazing!! Your book and concept really covers entrepreneurship from a young person's perspective. I read about 12 of your articles in 10 mins flat. Its one thing to read Richard Bransons autobiography of how he started Virgin in the 70's but its another to hear it from some1 a year younger than me! Your life story is up-to-date and relevant, you are getting out there and grabbing life by the horns-brilliant!

Regards from South Africa!
Brett Webster
University of Cape Town

I'm really impressed by your profile, it's quite encouraging. See back in africa, we can only dream about some of these things. Here I am struggling with several ideas in my head and just can't get started because of financial and structural constraints. I'll look up to your experience as a good source of motivation.

- Kidega Geoffrey (Nigeria)

I just want to express my appreciation for the good work you are doing. As a business student, I find it interesting reading your Entrepreneurs' Chronicle. I am a university student in Uganda and am in my final year at University studying for a Bachelors in International Business. I really appreciate your work. Please do keep it up.

Patrick Sewanyana

I have received my copy of Zero to One Million and am grateful. It is a wonderful piece of practical reference manual and I'm happy to have such materials in my possession. Many thanks from Tanzania.

Mama Swai

I'm simply amazed at the extent of what you've done. It looks almost impossible. You are such a wonder to the world. I'm a native of Nigeria and I heard that you are coming for a conference in Nigeria in August. I will definitely be there for the YDEF conference. I will like to meet you personally when you come for the conference. I would like you to be my mentor because I recognize the power of mentorship. It's so great to see very young people achieving feats that even the old would aspire to achieve.

Soji Okanlawon
Lagos, Nigeria

May I take a moment to demonstrate how much I am proud of your efforts to take the entrepreneurship discussion to such a great level. Once I saw your site, I was astonished with it. I became even more astonished when I learned that the founder is 19 years old. Most astonishingly was that you, though young, wrote Zero to One Million. This builds the confidence for the young entreprenuers and shows them the potential they have in developing their strengths and how they can translate them into economic gains for themselves and their communities. I have read your message and totally agree with you. As Somalilanders (northern part of the former Somalia) this message is quite applicable to our situation.

Muktar Hassan Maidane
Amoud University, Somaliland

I just can't believe what I have learned from you so far. I am 29 years old working as an Assistant Systems Administrator at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Tanzania. I have a good library of good business books but am missing one which I cannot wait to read, Zero to One Million by Ryan Allis.

Innocent Fulgence

Hello Ryan,

I am Nigerian Entrepreneur in-the-making and I must confess that I like what you are doing. It's really great and to think that you still very much a teenager. I'm impressed and your articles I've found very helpful and interesting. They are also helping me in identifying my purpose and passion. I love the work you are doing. Keep it up and God bless.

Kemi Adetimirin

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