I’m currently completing a book called The Startup Guide: Building a Better World Through Entrepreneurship. You can visit the book web site at to stay up to date as the book progresses and see some early content.

In February 2008 I published a book on entrepreneurship from McGraw-Hill called Zero to One MIllion.

The book is on the topic of what I learned building iContact as a start-up from zero to 80 employees between 2003 and 2007.

The Startup Guide

I’m now in process on a second book on making a difference in the world through entrepreneurship called The Startup Guide: Building a Better World Through Entrepreneurship. You can track the progress of the book at

The Startup Guide will cover the following topics.

  1. How to follow your dreams and then make them real, get into the right networks, find amazing mentors, and manage personal finances and investments;
  2. How to build a company from start-up to $50 million in sales
  3. What I learned about entrepreneurship from 2008-2012 building iContact from 2 to 300 employees;
  4. The immense opportunity our generation has to use technology and entrepreneurship to finally create a sustainable world in which every human being has access to food, water, shelter, education, medicine, and the internet.
  5. A summary of how the latest innovations in science and technology across neuroscience, nanotech, genomics, data science, visualization, robotics, education, and mobile computing are creating immense opportunities to address the biggest issues in the world faster than we thought possible.
  6. A summary of what I learned at HBS
  7. Human identity, potential, motivation, and consciousness.

Here is the draft table of contents for the book. It is structured as a series of five guidebooks.

The Life Handbook
Building Wealth
Internal Self
Life Lessons
Famous Advice
What We Wish We Knew at 18

The Entrepreneurship Handbook
The New Capitalism
How Entrepreneurship Works
The Entrepreneur’s Role
Know Your Motivation
Find a Problem to Solve
Build the Launch Plan
Raise Money
Build the Team
Acquire Customers
Build Systems for Scale
Become a Leader
Create an Innovation Engine
Create a Clear Strategy
Prepare for Sale or IPO
100 Steps to Success
Startup Lessons Learned

The Innovation Handbook
What is the Innovation Age?
The Re-imagination of Everything
The Greatest Innovations of All Time
The Greatest Innovators of All Time
How to Innovate
The Biggest Problems & Opportunities
The Future of Technology
What’s Different About Gen Y
Innovation in Government
Innovation in Non-profits

The Leadership Handbook
25 Leadership Lessons
Becoming an Authentic Leader
The Social Responsibility of a Company
How to Inspire Others to Do the Impossible

The World Changer Handbook
The Last 200,000 Years
The Enlightenment
The Industrial Age
The Information Age
The Innovation Age
The Last 100 Years
The Global Dashboard
Climate Change
Sustainable Prosperity
World 2050
The Global System
Improving the Global System
Systems Thinking
A Call to Action