In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues, below are the 50 values I do my best to live every day. If you know me and see me not following these, please play the role of a kind reminder! What are your core values? Along with your goals, write down your values and post them in a place you’ll see them every day!

  1. The Golden Rule – Do Unto Others As You’d Have Done Unto Yourself
  2. Acceptance: I shall recognize the uniqueness in humanity of those who differ from myself
  3. Action: Though deliberate and careful, I shall have a biased toward action
  4. Adaptation: I shall maintain in a state able to flow, learn, and modify myself to fit new surroundings or occurrences
  5. Analysis: I shall analyze what I do and do not do and attempt to define and derive inherent laws, axioms, tenants, and guideposts based on the effects of these actions and inactions
  6. Best Effort: I shall put forth my full and best effort within the boundaries of proper physical and mental health
  7. Challenge: I shall often challenge and step outside my comfort zone as to reach worthy goals.
  8. Commitment: I shall uphold my commitments and always under-promise and over-deliver.
  9. Communication: I shall make it a priority to learn and communicate extremely well with others.
  10. Confidence: I shall always be confident and optimistic and set my goals high.
  11. Contentment: I shall only be where I am and savor everything about that moment.
  12. Detail: I shall not dally needlessly in detail, but examine to the full extent needed.
  13. Environmentally Conscious: Though I shall promote the mastery of nature for the betterment of living conditions of humans, I shall never forget that the Earth should be treated as precious and that sustainability  must be required if we are to survive as a species. I shall always keep externalities in mind in my business dealings.
  14. Focus: I shall recognize that while I can do anything, I can’t do everything.
  15. Forgiveness: I shall forgive those who have mended ways, including myself.
  16. Generosity: I shall give to others however I am best and most able.
  17. Health: I shall maintain my health and eat, sleep, and exercise in such a manner as to maintain a high level of energy. I shall eliminate negative energy as my body is a temple of God that houses my spirit.
  18. Honesty: I shall be honest and forthright in all representations and deliberations with myself and with others.
  19. Humility: I shall not be afraid to ask for help and not assume myself above another.
  20. Industry: I shall lose no time and always be employed in something useful. Reflection and relaxation shall be included in the definition of useful.
  21. Integrity: I shall act with integrity and in alignment with what I say I will do.
  22. Justice: I shall wrong none.
  23. Kindness: I shall live a life of kindness and compassion. There’s no reason not to.
  24. Learning: I shall be continuously learning and I shall continuously read.
  25. Listening: I shall strive to listen and understand before I speak.
  26. Love: I shall love everyone.
  27. Mentorship: I shall give the knowledge I have and will gain to others.
  28. Mistakes: I shall strive to learn from the mistakes I make and not to make the same mistake twice.
  29. Nature: I shall conserve and protect nature and ensure it remains for my grandchildren.
  30. Optimism: I shall always see the glass as half full.
  31. Organization: I shall keep my life and belongings in order while keeping space for exuberance and creativity.
  32. Passion: I shall always fight and strive for that which I believe.
  33. Perseverance: I shall not give up, nor give in too soon, as long as I feel a goal is worthy of the effort.
  34. Planning: I shall plan for my life and upcoming events.
  35. Positivity: I shall be positive during all times and believe in the power of a positive mental attitude.
  36. Preparation: I shall attempt to enter each situation with an intellectual framework primed and ready.
  37. Presence: I shall focus my complete attention on the single individual I am speaking with.
  38. Punctuality: I shall be on time.
  39. Reflection: I shall take moments to review what has been done and examine society and my being, goals, and habits.
  40. Respect: I shall respect all others.
  41. Sacrifice: I shall save and invest for today so as to gain for tomorrow.
  42. Sincerity: I shall be sincere and use no hurtful deceit.
  43. Spirituality: I shall realize I am a very small part of this universe and give thanks to God.
  44. Solitude: I shall have a period of peace and solitude at the beginning of every day.
  45. Spontaneity: I shall perform weekly either an act of kindness or an activity which I have never done before.
  46. Superficiality: I shall not focus on the outer, but on the inner.
  47. Teaching: I shall transfer both knowledge and energy in teaching.
  48. Tranquility: I shall not be disturbed by trifles of that which is truly not important.
  49. Transparency: I shall live a public life and share the contents of my dreams and plans.
  50. Travel: I shall make a priority to see and explore the world.