2009 By The Numbers

December 26, 2009

In 2009 I’ve slowed down a bit from 2008 and focused on iContact and Nourish International. I had to reduce some commitments to be able to do that and left three other non-profit Boards. After my mom hurt her arm and two of my friends were diagnosed with cancer in October I slowed down a bit at the end of the year and didn’t hold any Entrepreneur or Social Entrepreneur meetups the last three months. They’ll be back in January.

I still ended up racking up some good frequent flyer miles riding in 72 planes in 2009 (down from 74 in 2008) and spoke to about 5700 people this year (down from 8500 in 2008). I very much enjoy public speaking. Most recently I’ve been speaking about how to change the world through business and social entrepreneurship.

I am becoming more and more interested in investing in entrepreneurs in Africa that bring electricity, water, and internet to rural villages in sustainable manners. I hope to complete my first such small investment in January in VillageEnergy a company out of Kampala, Uganda run by a former roommate of mine Roey Rosenblith–who actually was on the Detroit plane that was attacked on Christmas day yesterday. As he wrote me tonight, “I just started to really realize what a gift it is to be alive.” In a year in which so many people close to me had life and death experiences this is a fitting quote to remember.

Congratulations to the team at Virante for hitting its first $1M in sales year and the team at iContact for ‘finishing the marathon’ and growing revenue more than 80% year over year to beat our revenue plan of $26.2M for year!

Per my commitment, I’ve got my running shoes laced and am on track for my training schedule to run a half-marathon in March and a full on April 24th.

Here’s 2009 by the numbers:

  • 6 Billion Emails Sent by iContact Customers
  • $27M in sales at iContact
  • $4.5M in additional capital raised
  • 4.4M unique visitors to iContact.com
  • $1M in sales at Virante
  • 557,000 iContact users
  • $90,000+ contributed by iContact to non-profit organizations in 2009
  • 59,000 customers at iContact
  • 5790 people spoken in front of
  • 600 Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneur Meetup Attendees
  • 190 employees at iContact
  • 80 daily Senior Leadership Team huddles
  • 72 plane rides (30 actual trips, avg 2.5 trips per month)
  • 50 weekly Senior Leadership Team meetings
  • 50 new hires at iContact
  • 29 cities visited
  • 20 miles run (10 in the last week!)
  • 19 U.S. States Visited
  • 18 Speaking engagements
  • 16 non-profit Board Meetings
  • 12 monthly all-day Senior Leadership Team Meetings
  • 11 Corporate Overview Sessions
  • 10 Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneur Meetups in Chapel Hill
  • 9 countries visited (China, India, U.S., Uganda, Kenya, Spain, Italy, France, England)
  • 9 New Monthly Company iNews videos produced – http://www.youtube.com/user/iContactTV
  • 8 iContact Board Meetings
  • 7 Conferences Attended
  • 6 VC term sheets received
  • 5 Company Offsites
  • 4 continents visited
  • 3 friends diagnosed with cancer
  • 2 Summit Series Attended
  • 2 Spontaneous company parades – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xORn76rXOMw
  • 2 Small Private Company Investments (EvoApp and Unblab)
  • 1 Renaissance Weekend Attended

In 2010 iContact’s theme is to Deliver Wow to Our Customers. It is going to be a great year. We have so much to accomplish and go after!

Here’s to doing something wonderful with infectious enthusiasm.

Happy almost New Year from Anna Maria Island, Florida!