Two More Interviews on Entrepreneurship

March 23, 2008 · Print This Article

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Here are two more recent podcast/radio interviews on entrepreneurship done by Dr. Alvin Jones and Start-Up Spark. Enjoy!

Dr. Alvin Jones Radio Interview with Ryan Allis – (9min 17sec, WMA file) – A March 26, 2008 radio interview on WCBQ-AM 1340 and WHNC-AM 890 with Dr. Alvin Jones from the Paradise Radio Network about:

  • Starting in business
  • Going to UNC
  • Being the son of a priest
  • What iContact does
  • The quote about taking action by Scottish Mountaineer W.H. Murray
  • Setting big goals
  • Understanding the entrepreneurial system
  • Evaluating business ideas
  • The three questions to ask prospective buyers
  • Accessing the world of equity capital

Start-up Spark Interview with Ryan Allis (17 min 38 sec) – A discussion with Shannon Cherry from Start-up Spark about:

  • Growing up in Florida
  • Advantages/disadvantages of young entrepreneurs
  • The MAR system
  • Bootstrapping and living in the office
  • Doing whatever it takes to keep expenses low
  • How we hired our first employee
  • Using equity initially to reduce cash burn
  • The importance of systems and building a team when scaling
  • How to avoid creating a job for yourself
  • Why hiring people smarter than you is critical
  • The definition of an entrepreneur
  • Figuring out the purpose of your life
  • What will motivate you to get through the hard times
  • The mission of The Humanity Campaign
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