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March 23, 2009 · Print This Article

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In June 2008 a young entrepreneurial filmmaker by the name of Patrick Sargent came out to the iContact office in Durham to do a documentary on entrepreneurship. His film, Work Your Way Up, launched today and is available on his website. Here’s the trailer.

And here’s an excerpt from the film where I talk about the immense impact the simple act of writing down my goals, framing them, and putting them in my closet has had in my life.

Here are some words from Patrick: The purpose of Work Your Way Up was to create a film for aspiring entrepreneurs that they could use to guide and inspire them on their journey as entrepreneurs. This project came to fruition about a year ago when I was scouring the market for a film on entrepreneurship for aspiring entrepreneurs. After lots of searching I realized something. There weren’t any.

It was at this time that I decided I was going to set out to make one myself. It was going to be difficult but I knew that if I approached it right I could make a commercially viable film for aspiring entrepreneurs. I started pre-production on Work Your Way Up in May, started shooting in July, and now nearly nine months later Work Your Way Up has become a reality. Work Your Way Up is unlike anything that’s been made before. It’s a film aimed directly at aspiring entrepreneurs. Work Your Way Up speaks directly to the heart and soul of the entrepreneur. The film proves you that you absolutely can do it. This is shown to you directly from the life lessons of those who have already created successful businesses. The full video is available now at


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