We’re Hiring a Founding Technical Team in San Francisco

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Hiring a Founding Technical Team

Ryan Allis and Anima Sarah LaVoy are actively seeking four exceptional founding technical team members (CTO/Chief Architect, Data Scientist, API Engineer, Sr Engineer) with mobile and/or big data experience to join their company and 5-person team in Noe Valley, San Francisco. The company’s name is not being widely shared for a few more weeks while the team acquires domain assets.

The Company & Product

The company is a mobile/web software start-up focused on organizing the world’s human relationships and enabling the scaling of personal connection much more efficiently than existing tools. We are working to build a company for the long-term, focused on products at the intersection of machine learning, relationship mapping, big data, and beautiful design. Our first product is a mobile and web application that combines left-brain data analytics with right-brain visual creativity to connect humans more intuitively. We are focused on building a company for the long-term as a platform for solving some of humanity’s greatest challenges. We have a global social consciousness in our core combined with the mindset of fast-moving, pragmatic, systems-thinking builders. We are happy to share more on the problem set we are solving for in person or via Skype.


The company is led by Ryan Allis and Anima Sarah LaVoy. Ryan was the co-founder and CEO of iContact from July 2003 until February 2012 when it was acquired by Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS) for $169m. Ryan is providing the initial funding for the company. Anima is our Chief People, Philosophy, and Psychology Officer (C3PO for the Star Wars fans out there), holds an Oxford MBA, and is the founder of Swing Semester. Together with our quickly growing team of five, we’re working out of a spacious home in Noe Valley/Eureka Heights in San Francisco this summer, and plan to get an office in the Mission this Fall.


We are actively and immediately looking for four exceptional people to hire in SF to join us in this new venture. The ideal start-date would be in the first half of July. We are looking for individuals who are both highly technically competent and passionate about making a difference in the world. We can offer a strong compensation package, an early equity position, and an amazing experience with super fun and passionate people. While we’re open to individuals from multiple backgrounds, we’re primarily seeking applicants from Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and Salesforce who want to get involved in an earlier-stage company in which they will have more daily impact and return potential.

  1. Technical Co-Founder / CTO / Architect – Looking for a founding CTO player/coach who has built and exited a company or played a VP / C-level role in a company of 30-500 employees. Must be comfortable with mobile apps, social APIs, and big data architecture and able to manage but also structure, code, and build. Looking for someone to drive the technical direction for a company out to solve an immensely challenging technical problem.
  2. Data Scientist – Seeking data scientist that can set up incoming pipes of government, social, and public data, and create algorithms to intelligently process and categorize petabytes of data. Familiarity with Hadoop, Redis, and similar technologies is very helpful.
  3. API Engineer – Seeking API engineer who can structure, build, and document the product API from the beginning and initially connect into developer networks.
  4. Senior Engineer – Experience with high volume scalability and security a plus. Knowledge of Python/PHP/JSON, social APIs, security, and big data architecture helpful.

Please email jobs@stealthstarship.com with your CV/portfolio and any information you’d like to include.

For Additional Information

  1. http://www.ryanallis.com/the-adventure-in-san-francisco/
  2. http://www.ryanallis.com/come-work-with-us-in-san-francisco/


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